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I'm curious do any of you have an auto immune disease as wel

I'm curious do any of you have an auto immune disease as well as HPV? In your opinion does it make harder or easier to deal with?

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Jan 10

@littleraeofsunshine Thank's not rational, I know. My doctor was pretty unimpressed by it all telling me it was super common and no big deal...but to me it was a huge deal. I never ever ever would have imagined that I'd have an std...oh I still freak out over it...but life goes on and it does get better. I hope all is well with you.


@PennyPanic thank you for you well wishes! I completely understand how you feel I went from only being sexual active with one person and thinking my life was going to always be that way, going through hard times and making a few poor choices that brought me here. I have hypothyroidism and I know my TSH count is still low, I am hoping once it gets in normal range that the gw will be gone. I have looked on the internet for how hpv affects people with autoimmune disease but I can't find anything. They only talk about autoimmune deficiency like HIV which I am lucky not to have.

Jan 10

From what I read, an autoimmune disease could put a patient at increased risk for persistent HPV infections, making it harder to deal with. So it's very important to treat both conditions at the same time. Besides, the patient has to keep away many triggers to prevent flare-ups. Very challenging.


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