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Im a 23 year old woman with high risk HPV looking to talk to


Im a 23 year old woman with high risk HPV looking to talk to other women in the nyc/jersey city/hoboken area.
I was told to give it 2 years with yearly paps to see if my body would fight the virus. However a recent pap shows its still present. Now I need a biopsy. None if my friends know, I’m the germophobe in the group and only had sex with 1 man my entire life (current bf). Im struggling emotionally.

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Aug 8

Support me so we can message back and forth

Aug 9

Hey there,

My pops actually lived in West NY and Weehawken when I was growing up!
Hope you're feeling a bit better today! :) My sister and mom had the high risk HPV strain as well, my step mom was having abnormal paps for 10 years. They all take (including myself for warts) this supplement called Beta-Mannan by Dr. Glickman... not trying to push any supplements, It just helped all of us suppress it and my mom even got a HPV DNA test and tested negative the past few years. It's worth looking into.
When I was taking it religiously I didn't have any outbreaks of warts and 3 months after I stopped taking it they came back. All it is, is this Aloe Vera Extract. It's been around for like 25 years or something, worth looking into.

Anyways i hope you're doing alright mentally and feel free to reach out if you ever need to chat.

Aug 9

I will look into that!


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