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I was diagnosed with HPV and found to have precancerous cell


I was diagnosed with HPV and found to have precancerous cells. After that I have gone through the process where I did an annual for about 3 years following each year. Each time it came back negative. I have read so many things about how many get the surgery but find that it returns sometime down the line? Is this true? Has anyone had what they thought was a polyp growing inside the cervix? Now I am having other issues too and wanted to know what others experiences were. Thanks.

Nov 23

oh my i'm so sorry to hear that!

Nov 30

I was told by my physician that the HPV virus, does not leave/clear the human body. The HPV virus goes dormant, and that is why the virus has the ability to become active later on down the road.

HPV does not go away and you can pass it to others. It's a skin to skin infection. You still can pass the infection, even if you don't have any symptoms.

Dec 2

I was told that your immune system can clear HPV however there is no test to prove so, so you can never be sure whether it has cleared or laying dormant. There’s too many perspectives, I think it depends who your talking to. I’d like to believe that you can clear the virus though x


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