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I thought my warts where gone recently had a few mini ones a


I thought my warts where gone recently had a few mini ones appear. Getting cryotherapy
I am into this now 1 year 4 months
It’s not as bad as when I first got them I believe my immune system is slowly winning as they are coming back mini

I should not have shaved my pubs. I also maybe drank too much
I will remain positive as there is much worse out there
There seems to be so much shame to GW
I HEARD ONCE U SEE NO GW you are cleared and no longer contagious

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Apr 15

HPV never goes away. It just either shows up or it doesn’t. You never get rid of it. The visible signs can come and go tho

CKBlossom's picture
Apr 16

@Ftbwgil It can clear after a year, but I think once you have warts, it is something you work on maintaining.

Apr 17

Dr Hunter Handsfield claims that it can clear within 2 years
I had GW 35 years ago and it never came back
So I will build immunity and believe that 6 months no GW means it’s cleared


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