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I need help. For those in a relationship, how do you go abou


I need help. For those in a relationship, how do you go about sexual times with your partner? Can you be fingered without the worry of transmitting it? Or oral? I figure you must wear condoms each time. I worry a lot bc I want to be intimate but idk what I can do. I feel that when I Talk to doctors they act like I shouldn’t even be thinking about sex. Can someone who’s in a relationship male or female please tell me how to go about this I’m sorry if it’s an inappropriate topic, I just really want some input:((

Also if I had already posted something very similar to this I apologize but it didn’t Post my first comment initially so I rewrote this one oops

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Jun 22

Honestly, just use protection there are many different strains of HPV out there and even if you have one, you can contract another more aggressive type. I used to think about protecting others from me because I had HSV 1 and when my partner was accepting we started having sex without a condom and then he gave me genital warts. He didn't have the symptoms so he didn't know and that is why this virus gets passed around so easily. I wish I just used protection my whole life so I say this to you now, use condoms and whatever protection you need for oral because all of these viruses spread anywhere on your body. That is what I have been doing.

Jun 22

@Daleeba Yes it can be spread from genital to hand contact. HPV Warts can occur anywhere on the body, just like Herpes.

Jun 30

from oral the person can get warts in their mouth. Quite rare but possible. Sexual partners could consider vaccination. Even if you can't afford the full 3 injections, even one will provide some protection


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