I just found this site and am a little uncomfortable sharing


I just found this site and am a little uncomfortable sharing but I don't feel ready to talk to friends or family. I had my first pap smear in july and my results came back ascus and no hpv. i just received a message from my doctor yesterday saying he read my labs wrong and that i tested positive for low risk hpv. i do not know what strain and I am not sure how long I've had it. I have only been sexually active for about 3.5 years. I am currently in a relationship with someone i love dearly for almost a year. we have not used protection through our entire relationship. i've been doing a lot of research and i know it is something that can go away on its on over time. But once i started reading about genital warts i had a need to get a mirror and look and i noticed a few around the opening of my vagina. I have not been seen by a doctor but i am 99% sure that's what it is. and since i have a partner i am not quite sure how to handle it. I know i should tell him but it makes me very scared that he won't be supportive. It makes me want to not see a doctor and seek treatment. I feel bad if i gave it to him without knowing I've had multiple pelvic exams and no doctor has ever noticed anything. this is a very weird feeling for me as I have problems with anxiety and depression and am a minor hypochondriac. Is it possible he could of given it to me even if hes never had warts? i just don't know how to process and accept it.

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Sep 13

It is possible he could have given it to you even without warts, yes. Honestly low-risk HPV isn't a big deal, its everywhere. I would say you don't need to tell your boyfriend because he likely has already been exposed to it whether it be from you or somebody else. Low-risk HPV is harmless but can be annoying so have your warts treated and it'll go away with time.

Nov 21

Hi May, HPV is a confusing STI, but doctors say it can stay dormant and a lot of people have without knowing it. it is possible your partner gave tot you. I am sorry for the news and diagnosis, it can be really hard to accept. try not to feel guilty or bad, it is good you are looking after your health by going to the doctors. Did you talk to him, how did he take it?


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