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I have been crying incessantly for the past three days and I


I have been crying incessantly for the past three days and I don't know what to do, life just doesn't make sense anymore. I had a one night stand in January and contracted HPV. 2-3 warts appeared soon after that and I didn't know what it was then. I found a man I really liked after a long long time and we had sex but he was the one to point out the wart and asked me to see a doctor about it. I really thought it'd be some bump from shaving but it was HPV(I have always had protected sex and thought diseases don't spread that way). There was a high likelihood that I had passed on HPV to him as well since we had unprotected oral sex. All of this happened in February and I immediately went to the doctor who cauterised the few warts and ensured me it'll be fine in 6 weeks. 5 weeks later new tiny warts started appearing and my doctor told me to wait a month for it to grow so it can be cauterised again. But it has grown so much and in so many different places that it is impossible to even be cauterised and I don't even want to undergo that process because the recovery is so painful and it has done nothing but worsen my situation manifold. I decided to switch to homeopathy and have been having those medicines for the past month which is also showing no improvements. For a timeline, I have been suffering with this for 5 months and it is at its peak right now. And all this while, this man had been very supportive. We were not having sex but shared a very intimate relation(emotionally). Last week, he saw something that he thought was a wart and has been extremely scared ever since and he broke up with me a couple three days ago with very vague goodbyes. I cannot talk to anyone about this, I cannot discuss this with my family, and the one friend I shared it with made me even more scared by making it sound like a big disease. I don't know anyone who has HPV and I don't trust the doctors anymore. I am so lonely, and I've lost my only support over this and reading about other people suffering for 10/15 years is really depressing me further. I'm only 20 and I don't want a stupid decision I made on a drunk new year's night to dictate my life. I don't know who to turn to and I'm so scared and angry and helpless. I know stress only makes it worse but I can't help stressing and it's much worse than stress.

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May 15

First of all it is a transient infection I had GW 35 years ago after 6 months not a single wart
Look after your health take supplement work out wat well and the immune system will clear quicker

I was really stressed at first and am
Now changing mybthinking. It's transient. Read up on dr handsfield. Support your immune system don't drink or smoke and meditate it will clear

May 15

HPV is so common and it's not dangerous as many people think, but struggling with those growths for days, months and years can make us anxious and stressed. I hope that you will stay healthy, keep positive and take care of yourself. You should plan a healthy diet, consume supplement, exercise regularly to boost your immune system in order to clear up the virus. About the treatment, I think not all people respond to the same treatment. The effectiveness of treatment depends on individual's condition. So, keep positive, seek appropriate treatment and look forward. We all support you.


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