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I have a question just to see if anyone has a similar experi


I have a question just to see if anyone has a similar experience. I'm going to see someone soon so will get a definite answer (hopefully) but for anyone else using the warticon blue solution, if anyone else uses that, have you found the skin around your warts is discoloured? I'm two days away from my last lot of treatment with the solution but I've noticed the skin around the warts is a little grey/bluish. I've never noticed it do that before. I've been a little worried about using warticon on them because the doctors can't seem to decide between them if they are warts or not (I have had other warts but they have gone). I doubt this last treatment will do anything, I'm sure it won't get rid of them, but I know if I go back to the doctors without completing all twelve weeks they won't even take a look (trust me, I've asked before, I've said I'm worried I'm putting it on what isn't warts, they didn't seem to care). Is this normal or should I be worried? I've only noticed now because I have a little cut appear out of nowhere. Not unusual for me but I'm trying to stay away from worrying I have herpes as well (I've had two tests that were nnegative but this whole experience has made me a bit of a hypochondriac) and all this anxiety and stress isn't good for my IBS which is flaring up. My body is a mess.

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Mar 16

my similar experience is in the area of letting anxiety pilot my mind to that hypochondriac place. you have to derail that thought train. has anyone in the group used warticon blue and have any experience there?


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