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I feel so defeated...About two years ago, I was diagnosed wi


I feel so defeated...About two years ago, I was diagnosed with genital herpes. I had only been unprotected with two guys and one of them definitely gave me chlamydia in my anus so I found out I had two stds at the same time. After that, I used condoms every time I had sex with anyone which I only had sex with maybe two or three other people after that (being generous). I haven’t had sex since last July and now (almost a year later) I’m having my first hpv outbreak of genital warts. What the hell did I do to deserve this? I stayed protected and was taking my valtrex like I was supposed to. I protected myself and other people! How did I end with another std??? I mean, I know I’m susceptible to more stds after my first one but I never had sex during an outbreak, I took my medication as needed, I always wore a condom, what more could I have done??

Jun 12

I am so sorry your feeling defeated!!! What many of us were NOT educated on, is that some STIs can be transmitted with skin to skin contact. Contact, even with a condom on, can transmit them! Ugh... ugh... I wish, I wish I had known/realized that myself.

We are here for you, hugs, both STIs are common, education is super important and not passing them on.


Jun 18

@SunMoonStars Thank you so much! I’m glad I can find some commonality! Having one std is hard enough and I’m like you and wished I had realized how some can be passed through skin contact. I’ve been getting posts where people think it’s completely my fault like I should of just been abstinent. (Not that there’s anything wrong with it) but I think it’s okay to accept being unprotected and learning from it but I also think you can’t completely blame the person. A lot of people I know got it from relationships so don’t ever beat yourself up. We’re strong and strong enough to handle it in the proper way and protect ourselves and other people.


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