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I don't want to sound pessimistic but does anyone actually k

I don't want to sound pessimistic but does anyone actually know of someone who has cleared their genital warts in less than two years? I'm coming up to 9months with no luck at all and the warts are probably slightly worse than they first were. I don't know if waiting for my immune system to fight it off is the right way to go about things because it feels like I'm clinging onto a false hope.

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Jan 14

@Cityboy Hi Cityboy,

I'm really glad you managed to clear your warts so quickly! How did you do it? What sort of treatments were you using?

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Jan 14

@Heisenberg278 I do nothing drastic at the moment. Just take the acv pour a little in a small cup and apply to the wart with a qtip after I shower. I hold the qtip on it for 10 secs, not taping it and leaving it on for hours. Sometimes if I change throughout the day I would also apply since my clothes are off.. figure might as well.

Jan 15

@heisenberg278 , I used a combination of cyro therapy and aldara, so I used aldara for 2 weeks before cyro and thought it was going nothing, so I had the cyro but continued using the aldara. I did this for a total of 16 weeks.

I finished the 16 week aldara course and had 2x cyro within the first month. (My warts was gone after the month I just continued the aldara to be sure)


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