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I’m scared guys. My throat feels weird again. I’ve had t

I’m scared guys. My throat feels weird again. I’ve had this before but now it returned. You know the white patches u get on your throat when you have strep. I’m scared it’s gonna get worse esp because of the corona virus. Anyways, my vag feels itchy sometimes and idk if there are warts there where I don’t see or feel bec they are inside or what. It is such a struggle to be happy and calm whenever something comes up. I’m scared and sad. I know I sinned and I’m sorry for it. I hope I get better soon and everyone else on here that is battling with it. It is another night of crying but I will continue to pray that everything will be better and this too shall pass.

Mar 22

Hi, how are you feeling today? Do you take any medicine or have any ointment to put on it?

Mar 25

Hello there, sorry for the late reply. I don’t have any ointment for the genital warts but I use Apple cider vinegar for it. I don’t take any medicine except multivitamins.


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