Very interesting study. It may seem that HPV clearance has less to do with our immune response, and rather the random symmetrical shedding of infected cells (eliminating the virus). More work needs to be done but it seems like ridding your infection is due to chance. If your infection does go on to progress to cancer, it may not be because your immune system isn't great, but just pure unlucky.
The researchers also touch on proposed 'viral latency' aka dormant infections. Latency seems plausible with the old model of homeostasis (proposed in 1970!!!!!) but with the new model of fast-cycle asymmetric and symmetric stem cell shedding it seems less likely that dormancy can occur. Since it's due to chance any persistent infection is merely because the body hadn't shed all the infected cells but with the abundance of HPV in the population and the small % of those who go on to develop cancer, it appears the majority are able to clear the virus.

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May 8

Thank you lauralo for sharing this with the group. xo

Jun 17

Thankyou for helping me Laura!!


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