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Hi Guys, I was diagnosed with low-risk HPV about two mon

Hi Guys,

I was diagnosed with low-risk HPV about two months ago I am finally going to back to the doctor tomorrow to talk about treatment. I was wondering what everyone has found to be the most effective treatment for them and the amount of pain you experienced while doing the treatment? Give as much detail as you want the more detail the better help it will give me! THANKS ALL!

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Jun 17, 2017

Ive been doing cryotherapy....have my 3rd treatment next week...the area to which this is applied is sensitive so it's painful....a few days after treatment is also painful. My 2nd treatment,pretty sure I got a blister but this is also normal. I will probably post again here after treatment with an update.

Jun 18, 2017

I've had two cryotherapy treatments in one week because I went back to the clinic when I suspected other bumps. They also gave me a cream (warticon) that I only used one day and a half. Stopped because my skin became so sensitive after the second freezing.
I'm not sure what the actual process of cryotherapy is because they have pretty much gone dark but not scabbed or fell of yet but maybe that happens in a week? I was told they will just fall off but I'm not sure. Maybe I require further sessions.
Best to ask your Sexual Health Clinic on best treatment because they will look at a number of things and suggest one to start with. Hope this helps :)

Jun 18, 2017

I did cryotherapy twice. I wouldn't say it hurts but it is definitely a bit uncomfortable. After my first cryotherapy I didn't notice any scabbing or blistering but the wart shrunk, now after my second cryotherapy it feels like the skin is just falling off. I go back to my doctor in about another week and she said she'll start me on Aldara to help clear up anything that may be leftover after the cryotherapy. I think my warts are all gone but fingers crossed they don't come back!


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