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Hi everyone, I just found out that I am positive for high

Hi everyone,

I just found out that I am positive for high risk HPV. I had my normal Pap smear and it came back with ASCUS, so they tested for HPV and it came back positive for high risk.

Last year my pap was just abnormal, but negative for HPV.

I am married and know I could have got it from everywhere. My husband is fine with it. My worry is... will he now get throat cancer from performing oral sex on me? I feel horrible. I feel like everyone can see my diagnosis. I feel like my world is ending to be honest. I am lost. I never pictured this happening to me.

I have another pap scheduled for Tuesday with an actual gyno (not family doctor) who will decided if I need a colposcopy.


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Sep 13, 2018

Please ask so I’m not alone in knowing when I get my answer! Lol I feel the same way. I feel more supported on here!

Sep 15, 2018

@Mrs.NotOkay I know I have a risk strain. And yes!! We will support one another here!!

Sep 15, 2018

@Lovemyfamilyof5 I’m waiting for my call. Didn’t come Friday so I bet it does Monday. Just tired of feeling like my body isn’t mine anymore. I feel so detached from my waist down.


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