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Hi everyone, I am 43 and was just diagnosed (on Monday)with


Hi everyone, I am 43 and was just diagnosed (on Monday)with a high risk strain of HPV after having my PAP test done. I’m trying really hard not to beat myself up over this diagnosis. I told my boyfriend right away and he is having a hard time with it. I’ve tried to tell him that we can continue to have a healthy relationship. I’m wondering if it truly is possible. I would love advice on how you made relationships work. Thank you

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Oct 12

Unless you've been celibate he'll most likely already have it, that's not to say you've transmitted it to him, he could have transmitted it to you, or you could both have come to the relationship with it. It's extremely common, and as it's invisible, and men aren't ever tested for HPV he wouldn't know if he'd already had it...the only way men tend to find out these things is when the women gets an abnormal pap smear.

If he thinks he doesn't have it at all he could always go and get a vaccination of gardasil - 9 - if he rings around some doctor or other will do it.

I think you're right, that HPV does increase the risk of cancer, I think the risks are quite low though based on the relatively low number of people actually developing oral cancer, it would be interesting to talk to a researcher specialising in this area to find out the chances of developing oral cancer following exposure to high risk HPV, but I shouldn't worry about it too much.

Oct 26

"HPV is a common sexually transmitted disease. Many people do not show any signs and symptoms at al. Others may suffer from genital warts or cervical cell changes. If symptoms such as genital warts are visible, though, avoid sexual activity entirely until the warts have cleared. This includes oral sex because HPV can also spread through mouth-to-genital contact. Try natural products such as Hyperisince mysorense, homeopathic nosodes and follow a healthy lifestyle to boost up your immune system.

Oct 30

@udaysingh Great post!


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