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Hi everyone I’ve been feeling kinda sad lately I’ve been

Hi everyone I’ve been feeling kinda sad lately I’ve been trying to date but when I’m honest with women about my hpv because I actually have warts they just leave it’s been like that for ten years now my question is should I just focus on finding someone like me because I accept my condition but I refuse to accept the loneliness can anyone offer some advice 37 year old male from Florida.

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May 13

Not too sure of exact sites, but I know they’re out there.

May 15

No I’ve tried all different types of treatments with no effect can’t have them done by a doctor because my insurance says wart removal is considered cosmetic which they don’t cover. So I’m left looking for other methods I’m trying vidarox now hopefully that does it but who knows now I’m just tired of being alone.

May 16

@Buddyro2300 hpv is a transient infection. That means it will clear eventually with help sooner. No smoke no drink avoid sugar drink water take supplements etc. In other words look after your health like by never have before and u will feel great and then heal. It can only help to look after yourself


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