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Hi all. I was diagnosed positive 5 years ago after getti


Hi all.

I was diagnosed positive 5 years ago after getting together with my husband, who disclosed his status early on. In 5 years I have not had any outbreaks, but recently had something pop up that might be a wart. Still waiting to see my gyno to confirm, but I am having an emotional rollercoaster. Without an outbreak, it was almost not real to me, and now it is.

I no longer have emotional support from my husband, who cheated a year ago and our relationship has been on the fritz ever since.

I feel alone, ashamed, and damaged. I made it 30 years of my life without something like this, so this is all a very new experience for me. (Still kinda pissed my doctor who refused to give me the vaccine when it first came out). I know it's more common than we realize, but it's not something I've had to deal with until recently.

How do you get past the shame?

How do you find emotional support?

How do you date and disclose this to potential partners?

Also, what physical self care steps should I be taking? The internet is robust with random advice (I read somewhere that baths help?) but I'd be curious to hear people's actual experience.

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Apr 14

If you have any apple cider vinegar put some on the wart with a cotton bud. If it’s a wart it should turn white in colour.

I found out I had them in November and I’m not yet past the shame. I don’t date as I don’t want to have to tell anyone. Many people on here have stated they have found accepting partners though. I think it’s jusy going to take some time to come to terms with.

The nurse I saw told me to take a salt bath every few days and not to shave the area as that can cause GW to spread

Apr 15

I think your hpv from 5 years ago was not thE. GW type
I think his cheating a year ago is
It usually clears

Apr 15

I have lived with it for 30 years. Took a long time to deal with the shame, but realizing 75% of the population have the same thing. Outbreaks come and go depending on stress and immunity. Lots of vitamins, eat right, take care of yourself. See your gyno every 6 months. Something I have not done due to lack of insurance. These can become something horrible but mostly just a pest. Vinegar will not get rid of them nor will baths. I have gone through laser surgery and the aldera cream which you can only get from doctor. Important to get checked out.


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