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Hey there. I'm new here. I would like to get some feedback o


Hey there. I'm new here. I would like to get some feedback on something. I discovered warts on my genitals (while suffering through a yeast infection) in March and my GP informed me that I have genital warts caused by HPV (No test was done to verify this). She put me on aldara and I had recurring warts for about 4 months. In june I had a hysteroscopy to remove a uterine septum, during a follow up my gynae she informed me that I had no physical signs of hpv (even though I was having a breakout at the time of the procedure). I haven't had a breakout since then. I do have 1 small wound. Almost like a pimple that popped on my inner labia. I will be tested for HPV in November to get an official diagnosis. If this is a misdiagnosis what possible disease could come of as hpv? I'm really confused about this. I don't know which doctor to believe at this point. This whole process has been very emotional.

Aug 14

Oh I forgot to mention. I have been using selenium to help boost my immune. I'm not sure if that's why haven't had a breakout and I do occasionally itch and get a buring sensation...


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