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Hey everyone, So my journey began about 8 months ago when


Hey everyone,
So my journey began about 8 months ago when I received an abnormal pap test result. My cells were showing as atypical squamous cells – undetermined significance (ASC-US). Fine. Must be some sort of infection or whatever; wasn't worried. My doctor told me to come back 6 months later to do another pap test. 6 months later, another abnormal pap. Now I was worried. My doctor then referred me to a gyno. About 4 days ago I was told I have "low grade HPV". I know this is so common and anyone who is sexually active is likely to get HPV but still; my heart sank and I felt instantly dirty and diseased. I'm scared this is a forever thing and I sorta feel trapped. I don't feel like a hot, young thing anymore.

I've been with one guy my entire life, I feel like I'm the last person who should be going through this however I know there's much worse. I've never broken a bone, had surgery, much less an STD. Anyways, trusting God will heal me and hoping I'll be able to move on and continue living my life. Praying for us all <3

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Jul 11

High risk means you dont have warts. You're high risk for cervical cancer. There are two types of hpv, precancerous and warts. I don't think you can have them both.

Jul 13

Does lysine help with warts at all?

Jul 16

I have no clue. I dont have warts. But I've read where lysine helps hpv in general so all I can say is maybe research it and see


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