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Hey everyone! I am new and thank God I fought a private sup

Hey everyone!
I am new and thank God I fought a private support group because in Facebook groups people can still see you are part of a group even if its private so I am glad I found this. I need advice. Is a long post.

I am so depressed. I always ask God why me? I never cheated, I dont mess around. I am giving , dont judge and give people chances and I gave this guy a chance even though there was red flags. To make the story short he gave me this HPV and I know this because his ex called me saying he cheated on her multiple times with women unprotected. I even searched his laptop because he was so private with his life and I found almost of videos of him having sex wth women. I decided to end it because he was just not good. To make it short I went to doc did the tests and I came back with the HPV. Something I did not know about. No one knows about this not even family. Is Been about 3 years since I got first diagnosed and I had warts did my colposcopy. One year I was actually hpv free. I thought I was cured since I read it can take 2 years to be clear. I started dating met my bf who has been amazing. He doesnt know. 2 years has passed and I saw a wart again and couldnt believe it. I did my colposcopy and got my wart removed and it came back I got VIN2. Again I didnt know about this. I am scared now because it can turn into cancer with time which is rare but I am still scared. Should I tell my bf about this hpv ? And again I ask God. Why me?

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Apr 21

I got hpv from my husband affair. I haven't had any warts in the past year. What my gyno told me is that even though I haven't had any break outs that the hpv virus can still remain in the body for the rest of your life. She said I may never have a break out again or I could have another break out. Every year I have to be tested for cervical cancer. If it was me I would be honest with your boyfriend let him know you have hpv.

Apr 22

Ughh I'm sorry what your husband did. And what sucks is we have to go through so many things to make sure we dont get cancer while the men just relax and not worry about it.

Formano's picture
Apr 24

Same situation but he was a boyfriend


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