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Help. I need some help understanding the HPV genital warts.


Help. I need some help understanding the HPV genital warts. I had a treatment completed today, numbing and whatever the burning name is called.

What should I expect after this? Like the doctor was no help! How long does this burning feeling last? When can I have sex again?

Does anyone have a good resource for this?


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May 15

@Buddyro2300 You mean Valdarox or Vidarox??? I had genital warts and got them treated successfully with Vidarox cream. I applied it 2 to 3 times a day and completely got rid of warts after a couple of weeks. Admittedly, it gave me immediate relief of itching and burning sensations. Continued using it and followed the directions, my warts eventually went away.

May 15

It’s vidarox sorry about the mid spelling.

May 16

@Ifitoldyou This cream called Calmoseptine, which is Zinc Oxide + Calamine, helps a lot with the itch and promotes healing. Try it out. :-)


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