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Hello there it’s me again, I don’t know if anyone’s re

Hello there it’s me again, I don’t know if anyone’s reading this but I’ll still give an update. Last time I got warts on my vagina they were big so I immediately used apple cider vinegar. I BURNED SO MUCH it hurts to even walk but I let it heal on its own just made sure to use antibacterial to prevent infection. Anyways, I can feel lumps around my anus I’m guessing they are warts that are growing AGAIN. I don’t wanna be upset about it and I wanna be kind to myself and take care of myself but it does feel so depressing that they’re still there. The virus is still in me and it hurts me that I don’t feel normal. Like I have a secret that nobody should EVER EVER know. Anyways, starting tomorrow I’ll go back to using ACV and put some on the lumps I felt on my anal region. I never had anal sex but somehow it got there. :< do you guys have any tips in making this virus sleep? I take 1000mg of Lysine and a multivitamin everyday. I know AHCC but they are TOO EXPENSIVE here in my country. I really hope this goes away soon. Also the corona virus. I hope it goes away. Going out is the only way I try to forget my problems and have fun but now I’m quarantined and I can feel that I easily get depressed when I think of my body’s situation. Sigh. All I wanted was true love. And this is what I got for rushing.

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Apr 22

I am so sorry to hear your emotional and physical suffering. This isn't an easy time on so many levels! I recently felt some bumps around my vagina and when I looked they were a few tiny warts. I have never experienced this but immediately set up a gyn appointment to confirm what I already know. I think for me what helps me not get to anxious about everything is to remember that you are more than your body and the external world. You are a precious gift of life! You cannot, as others cannot, help what happens in this physical form but I promise you that there is always an equal amount of positives and negatives. The light and dark are intertwined into one and you can find relief from knowing that right now you may be in the darkness but the wheel will turn and there will be light again. I wish I could show you how beautiful you are and what a gift you have to be alive. Maybe your body is not what you desire but transcend that and know that there are so many perspectives to life. You will be blessed with love, physical relief, and positivity; while you are here in the darkness learn how to be resilient and soothe yourself. Your physical form is not your only gift, take the time to discover all the other ones as you are so young and that is what you are meant to do. You aren't different nor do you have a secret that no one should know about. You are a human being going through the human experience and that is okay. Okay love I promise you. Take the lesson and learn to look elsewhere for your gifts and self-love. At some point you will have to let go of your body anyway so learn to create with your energy in other areas, focus on other things that you can make beautiful. You are a gift please don't forget it and don't let one aspect of life bring you down.

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Apr 29

I know how you feel i dont really have anyone to talk to about this hpv i mean i take to my husband but its nothing like talking to a female about it

May 2

Hello, I came across this YouTube video and thought you might find it useful. I am going to try it and see if I have any luck but it is basically a cost effective approach to treating GW.


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