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Hello I have had 3 cryotherapy appointments and my pcp said

Hello I have had 3 cryotherapy appointments and my pcp said there are no warts 2 days ago. Gynecologist said shaving is ok when no warts are present. But after shaving today I think there are still 3 very small bumps in the treatment area.
1. Are those bumps probably still infectious?
2. I then shaved other areas of my pubic area. Did I likely spread virus from those small bumps to other pubic areas?
3. How long until new warts would form, if I did spread them from shaving?
Thank you

Happy_Camper's picture
Jan 10

I have no knowledge of the effects of shaving, but I shave my pubic area every other day and have not seen any warts form. These are areas that do not have any warts already. Not sure if this information will help.

Jan 10

It's true that shaving can create tiny micro-cuts in your skin, spreading the wart virus to other areas, and you can develop more warts. But this commonly happens when your genital warts are visible. So, I think your 3 small bumps could be razor bumps caused by shaving. You can use aloe vera to moisturize and treat the area. If these bumps persist or get worse, see your doctor immediately.


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