Hello, I am new to the group here. Long story short, I had g

Hello, I am new to the group here. Long story short, I had genital warts about 9 years ago now. I went to the doctor soon after I discovered what they were and had them froze off. I had one recurrence about 1 year later and haven't had ANY since. I became involved with a woman just after I found out I had genital warts and told her about them. We have been together since but are now breaking up (even though we are remaining good friends). I have had no genital warts for around 7-8 years, and she has never had any and recently got a pap smear which said she has no HPV. We haven't had sex in a couple of years (long story), but we had plenty during our earlier years of being together, and she doesn't have HPV.

I have not even thought about having sex with anyone else in almost a decade but am now single and would definitely like to again at some point. I am not really looking for a long-term relationship because I am just getting out of one and getting into another one at this point doesn't appeal to me at all.

I have heard many different takes on this, and here is my question. Do I really need to tell future sexual partners that I had genital warts 7-8 years ago? Especially since my girlfriend of 9 years never got them from me or any kind of HPV? Or at least doesn't have HPV now at all. I have a conscience, so this is bugging me, but, boy, talk about a mood killer and not being able to have spontaneous sex if I have to tell everyone that I once had genital warts. Is there really any reason I need to now? Thank you for your answers.

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Nov 8

I’d go with the balance of probabilities. In your case given it’s been so long without symptoms and that most ppl clear the virus in two years I don’t think it’s something you need to worry about.

I just can’t believe that HPV does last for life cos it’s so common that I feel like if it was really life long these cancers and genital warts would be more common than they are. It just doesn’t make sense. I think what probably is true is that a small amount of ppl will have issues for a long period of time (over 2 years) and as you can carry HPV asymptomatically no way any one individual of being 100% sure they are clear. But as I say I think you have to go with the odds

Nov 8

Ok, yea. This all makes sense. I guess there is apparently no 100% way to be sure, but it seems in my case that the odds are extremely high that I have cleared it; especially since I've had no genital warts for 7-8 years and my recent girlfriend of around 9 years tested clean and has never had a genital wart since we've been together.

I hate being a person that thinks so much. I imagine most people in my position would completely let it go and not worry about it at all. I want to be able to do that too. I just have a conscience.

It does seem like a ridiculous thing when I think about it for me to be telling people I had genital warts 7-8 years ago; especially when I most likely am clear of them completely now. I hate that there is that little itsy, bitsy, shred of doubt, but what do you do?

Nov 27

I also would not disclose this to someone if I had not had an outbreak for 8 years. I would take a guess that your immune system had got rid of it by now


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