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Hello guys it’s me again. Just an update. I put on some AC

Hello guys it’s me again. Just an update. I put on some ACV but diluted it now with water it’s not stingy but I can still feel it that’s a good thing I guess cause I didn’t overdilute it. Anyways. Lumps are on my anal region and I felt a little one somewhere near my butt. I know I kept saying this but I’m still scared everytime I feel another wart pop up. I know it won’t help but I keep getting scared and sad. I really hope I get healed from this. It’s too much. Really too much.

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Jun 22

Hey there, I don't know if it works yet but will be trying this HPV/HSV Detox from this woman, You basically create a hostile environment in your body for the virus to stay living and replicate. Unfortunately, unlike Herpes, there is no test to check the antibodies for HPV genital warts but there is a Vaginal PH Test you can do to achieve recovery from the Cervical Cancer. It is very rigorous and you need to follow the diet to a T or it can be harmful to you but if you are willing I truly believe that you can provide the kick start your body needs to stop the replication so that you can be wart free. Good Luck! I know I will need it as no sugar is apart of the diet and I really love to eat sugary foods.

Jun 30

Word of warning. I used ACV and it caused a scar and the wart just grew back anyway. I personally would not recommend ACV

Jul 1

I have to get mine removed but scared they are going to grow back! I’m terrified :(


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