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hello group! I too struggle with self acceptance about my di

hello group! I too struggle with self acceptance about my diagnosis but after reading some of your posts theres something I feel the need to say. Once HPV manifests physically (warts) or internally (cancer) it will not go away, even if the warts and cancer are cleared up. You may not get cancer scares or warts again after you treat them but the virus is still in your system and its still pretty much transmittable. It doesn't help that when you first get diagnosed and you look it up all articles says its so common and it should be cleared in two years. I, too lived hoping for the two year mark and on my 6 month check up, pre cancerous cells. It hit me hard but I think its best to live knowing this and coming to terms with it (try a positive way since resignation will only hurt your soul even more), before knowing its not curable I lived with so much hope, but this fake hope came from being uninformed and it only made me drop from a higher place. If you're newly diagnosed and know you have cancer/wart causing strains please be aware of this. Easier said than done but please take care of your mental health.

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Jun 8

Can I ask where you got that information from? :) my doctors have all told me I will likely clear the virus over time even since I developed warts, so I'm not quite sure why I've been told that now! Xx

Jun 24

@Hpvgirl2 my doctors told me the same thing and I’m 8 years clear...

Jun 30

My understanding is that most people clear the virus, but not everyone does and it's possible to know 100% if you have fully cleared it or if it's hiding out in a latent state. I find this article explains it really well. It mentions genital warts but the same stands for the HPV that causes cervical cancer


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