Hello everyone, I am a 25 yom and have been dealing with gen

Hello everyone, I am a 25 yom and have been dealing with genital warts for about 3 months now. For almost 2 years I had always had these 2 bumps on the underside of my shaft where it meets my scrotum. They didn't hurt or itch so I always dismissed them as shaving bumps, especially bc most of the time I would shave some what aggressively down there at time and usually against the grain. Fast forward to August of 2019 I noticed about 10 new bumps about a week after sleeping with a new partner. I knew these were more than just shave bumps, I began frantically researching and wanted so badly to self-diagnose them as just skin tags. I went to see a dermatologist and he diagnosed them as genital warts. He gave me the option for freezing or a cream and I chose both. So he froze about 15 warts that day which was very painful. They blistered and left a scab which all fell off within a week. Most of them healed well minus one that got infected. About 2-3 weeks after the freezing session I had about 3-4 more warts appear. I applied the Imiquimod cream to them 3x a night as the instructions said, I did this for about 10 weeks and I couldn't see anything getting better. I discovered the home remedy of apple cider vinegar so I did that on the new warts and I was able to eradicate them. I'm currently dealing with 7 small warts that I just started treating with apple cider vinegar because I KNOW it works. I don't want to go back to the doctor to have them frozen because I was left with 3 scars from the freezing. I don't want to use the cream because I used it for 10 weeks and didn't see any changes. Although I know you're not supposed to, I have used over the counter Compound W on some small warts, although it burns like hell it has worked for a handful of my warts. I have been taking immune boosting supplements for a couple months now everyday, although I already have a very strong immune (get sick MAYBE once a year). I am to the point now where this is affecting me psychologically...I think about it constantly non-stop, I don't want to go out and socialize with my friends like I always do, my appetite and sleep have been affected..sometimes i just feel depressed and hopeless. I have done a lot of research about HPV and know that people typically clear the virus in 8 months to 2 years, but the recurrences I have is just so discouraging. I try my best to remain hopeful, but some days I just feel so defeated... Who else out there is dealing with wart recurrences and what do you recommend????

Thanks alot

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Dec 2

Hi Jesse,
I found out I had GW just over a year ago now. I had them frozen, used aldara cream which really burnt and for the past few months have been using a green tea cream. My dad did some research and said it was proven that the green tea cream was more likely to keep the warts away than other treatments although it takes a lot longer. I don’t know how true that is but I am currently without warts now for the longest time in a year. It has only been around 6 weeks or so but usually I get another wart after around 3-4 weeks. The ointment is called catephen if you want to try it. I am still applying it even with no warts present


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