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Hello. At the beginning of last year I found genital warts a

Hello. At the beginning of last year I found genital warts and had treatment done. I then had them again (only a couple) and had treatment done again (freezing) I have recently during this lockdown they have reappeared and I can’t go and get treatment done at the moment due to the corona virus. This is the third time in a year+ of having them and it is really starting to make me more depressed than I already am - will this ever go away? I am so upset, I never thought I would be that girl who has an std and I am so ashamed of myself and I’m scared to get back into being intimate with anyone. Has anyone been able to clear the virus after having genital warts or am I stuck with this forever? I’m so lost

Jun 24

Also, is there other alternatives for treatment as I am not able to see my doctor at present?

Jun 30

Hi, I am in a very similar position. Most likely you/we will clear it at some point or at least for a significant period of time, but can take a while unfortunately for some unlucky people. It's really frustrating me at the moment as I just feel that I cannot get on with my life!

I've been really trying to focus on boosting my immune system as while the treatments can target the external symptoms (warts) they don't usually work against the underlying virus which is why they keep coming back. So I've been taking lots of immune system boosting supplements.

In terms of treatments you can do at home, I have tried a few with varying degrees of success. This last month I've used sandalwood oil (a drop twice daily on the wart) which does seem to be helping. The warts I've treated with this have shrunk, where as the warts I have not treated haven't. I didn't want to go all out because sandalwood oil is really expensive!!! Some studies have shown sandalwood oil to work on common warts but no studies on genital warts.

I just figured it was worth a try as I couldn't see my doctor either. If you do try sandalwood oil buy from a reputable provider and make sure it's 100% pure as the cheaper stuff is often mixed with other things. I did have a little bit of irritation from using it (much less than from prescribed treatments though), when this happened I applied caster oil and occasionally took a break from treatment (a day or half a day) - you don't want skin to break as the virus will get in and cause more warts!

Things I have tried and would NOT recommend - garlic and apple cider vinegar - caused burning. The ACV did make the warts go away but they just came back again and left a small scar. I think if you are going to try things at home, you want to use gentle treatments. Leave the burning to the professionals!!

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