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healthy life My question is If my genital warts went awa


healthy life
My question is
If my genital warts went away in about a year can I have normal sex once again with no condom on and without worrying about transmitted it to my partner or am I still in danger ?
And how do you make sure it won’t come back again ?
And if anyone got rid of it and have normal sex once again please share with us your story
Thank you everyone

Dec 5

Hey Weeely,

Firstly, HPV is not a danger. Words play a powerful role in this game, the way people react to this. It's not cancerous and it's just a visual thing and itchy. HPV (the sexual kind) won't kill you. Think of them like leaves growing on a tree. I know that sounds bizarre and overly optimistic but it's not a "danger." Secondly, yes, the warts can spread to other people without you seeing them, without you knowing you have them. But they can also disappear and be cleared from the body and you would never spread them. One person with HPV can give it back to you without them ever realizing that they have it. So really, it's just a mind game. There's just no answer to this. The best cure that I know of for this is not giving a **** about what other people think, because most of the time they're in their own worlds anyway and you can't make other people desire you anyway, so it doesn't matter. And if they do desire you, they'll probably accept you warts and all (no pun intended).

Thirdly, I would always wear a condom no matter what. Unless you're trying to have children, which I have no experience of. Just my two cents.

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Dec 5

HPV is largely a state of mind. You'll never know if you gave it to another person and that person will never definitely know if it's from you or not, for the most part, since unless you have definite visible signs, you can't know for sure. If your partner is sexually active, they could have gotten it from someone else a long time ago without knowing it. If they are women, well women have inherent HPV for things. Also, young people take gardasil now so they don't get sexual HPV. I don't know about you but this is the reason why I only have sex with young people, for this exact reason. So thank your mind for bringing it up and then just drop it. You've only got so many hours in life to live to the fullest, so you had better make sure you're knocking other things off your bucket list than worry about HPV.

Dec 8

Just thought I’d share, from what I’ve learned: The HPV vaccine, depending on which vaccine they received, only protects up to 5-9 strains of the virus. There are upwards of 150+ different strains. Having sexual intercourse only with young people, isn’t protection.... I hope your well and I’m learning a lot in this community.


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