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Guys I find the internet a bit contradicting. HPV is a virus


Guys I find the internet a bit contradicting. HPV is a virus, some websites state your immune system can get rid of the virus within 2 years... others state you always have HPV but it can lay dormant. Its very confusing

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Apr 17

@Brit12347 maybe it is a different strand that causes the break out so long after not having breakouts anymore...

16 hours ago

Or a new infection
Dr hunter Handsfield says if u see no warts for 6 months it’s clear
He even says disclosing not necessary personally I would wait 9 months no warts to be cleared
Once immune system finds andftackes this it’s said that it’s cleared
While it is still in ur body it is in minute form and hunter says not transmitted

15 hours ago

@bepositivebefine you are absolutely correct
And the 10% that don’t clear will by 3-5 years dr hunter Handsfield says this
Work on immunity learn to take care of your body and apply immune type products on affected area like vit E
It’s not a death sentence


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