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Good morning all. My doctor put me on Podofilox for my anal

Good morning all. My doctor put me on Podofilox for my anal warts. Stuff is great for external but the internal not so much. Any ideas for the anal warts inside the anal area? Also, I go to a Samson group in Mississippi and it’s a great way for support. If anyone is interested please PM me and I will discuss more.

Feb 6

It's best to consult your doctor. Basically, you can try two approaches: If the internal warts are small and aren't spreading at at alarming rate, and do not interfere with your bowel movements, a wait-and-see approach is acceptable. A 70% of genital wart infections resolve within 12 months.

If you find that your external warts keep recurring, or the internal warts are growing and spreading, surgery is the only other real option. Many people only have to do it once, but this is not a guarantee they will not recur. Just ask your doctor for your options. :-)

Feb 6

@Tofu_8242 thank you for your response. It’s hard to say but patience is key


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