Can someone help me? I'm a 20 year old young lad from u.k, f


Can someone help me? I'm a 20 year old young lad from u.k, found warts on my penis nothing major, I know it's hpv by the look of it, off to the clinic tomorrow for advice and test, I suffer severe hypochondria, and this has has me wanting to commit suicide, I do have a history of bad depression, what can I do I feel like I've thrown my young life out the window and don't feel like I'm a healthy young lad anymore I just feel dirty and went from 100% confidence party dude to absolutley nothing, will it ever go away? Can i make it dorment? I want to find a partner in future and have sex not use a condom all the time and not be able to be properly intimate , Im so freaked out I'm serious can't sleep for days want to die feel like my life's ruined a good looking young healthy confident lad who's overcame mental health and now reduced to this plot twist.

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Jun 17

Laura can you messaged me ?? I dunno how to ?? Is like to speak to you

Jun 18

If you support me back we can private message

Jun 19

Can you guys support me also please


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