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Anyone else racking their brains on how the hell we got this


Anyone else racking their brains on how the hell we got this and making yourself sick thinking about it?

I’m going on year and a half from first wart, and no clue where. Wife had her vaccine so I know it’s not her. Then the mind races “could I have done something stupid when under the influence or something “ :/

This sucks.

Jun 12

You cant think like that, you will only go crazy. Be greatful that it isnt something worse and focus on some goals and keeping yourself healthy mentally and physically

Jun 13

I agree about every negative thought is a forward step for disease. It's amazing how our body reacts to thoughts
Take care of your health apparently it takes a while for the immune system to identify the virus. Eat well work out and take supplements and meditate
This hpv is a wake up call to take care of health

Jun 13

Thanks everyone :) !

Just sucks that all. Been getting small heads for almost two weeks now. Very very mild throb for a second then gone.

You’re right, it’s amazing how our mind do crazy things to our bodies, and I’m sure my mind is giving myself headaches.


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