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After my second cryotherapy I was clear for a few days but n

After my second cryotherapy I was clear for a few days but now there are so many warts I can't count :(. They're in a concentrated area but it is still awful. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday and I'm going to ask my doctor about the injections, I've read that it causes the body to attack any infected tissue which sounds promising to me.. since cryotherapy hasn't been working very well. In the mean time I've been using ACV and it is so painful for me I almost can't handle it. It looks like it's working though so I'm going to keep using it. Has anyone gotten the injections?

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Jul 3, 2017

@tatts I know it just feels like its getting worse and you have to wait a few weeks between each session. I'm getting impatient and frustrated, having warts really is taking a shot to my self esteem

Jul 4, 2017

June I know how you feel as do we all, but sometimes it's easier for the outsider looking in to rationalise the situation.

Here's the facts, 70% will clear the infection in 1 year 90% in 2 years. The mean duration when being aggressively treated is 9 months. Just keep at it and don't give up hope, I have additional warts pop up but have only been clinically diagnosed for 6 weeks, set it in your mind that it's going to take a year to clear then once you are at peace with that subsequent outbreaks don't feel as bad. We will both clear this keep the faith

Jul 4, 2017

@june9865 i agree 10000000% it is frustrating for sure. Im not currently sexually active nor am I looking to date anyone at the moment partly because I am trying to repair the emotional/mental damage this diagnosis had caused me. Until Im in the clear or meet someone in the same boat, it's just me,myself and I.


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