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About a month ago now I found out I have hpv. I had to have


About a month ago now I found out I have hpv. I had to have a follow up appointment to get another Pap test done. I did this and received a call at the beginning of this week that I have to go back and see my dr.
I’m so scared, upset.
I have been with the same partner for 14 years. I have had multiple Pap tests and they have all come back normal. So why after 3 years of having our son it showed up on the Pap test. I’m just so confused. I can’t help but wonder if my partner has been faithful?

Sep 14

Hi, it definitely doesn't mean your partner has been unfaithful. PAP tests don't test for HPV, they test for changes in cells (caused by HPV) that need to be monitored by the doctors. You could have high risk HPV for very many years and so long as these changes haven't occurred a PAP smear test will come back negative....it takes a long while for high risk HPV to cause detectable changes.

It sounds like you've been having regular PAP tests which is great, because it means that whatever changes there are in cells will have been picked up quickly, and should be resolved easily, so try not to worry about it. When are you going back to see your Doctor?

Sep 14

Hi there! Please do not worry about that. My gyno said pretty much everyone will have it. You could have had it for a very long time, but something cause it to start changing cells now. Stress is a big factor he said. If you want to talk you can always PM me!


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