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SupportGroups.com is a safe social support network that allows members to join more than 220 condition-specific groups, seek emotional support, and find other members who are confronting the same problems. Our mission is simple: make everybody feel better.

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User Points
For details on the SupportGroups points system, please visit this page.
Creating Posts
There are two ways to create a post, the first is from your Support Feed. When you click the text box and start typing, new options will become available. Note: You must choose at least one group for your discussion to post.
creating a post
The second way to create a post is by visiting a group page, such as depression.supportgroups.com, and following this same process. When you are on a group page you will see a text box at the top; when you click on this box you will see more options.
Uploading Pictures to a Post
You can add pictures to your posts. While creating a post, you will see that a new icon has appeared next to your drop down menu. This new picture icon when clicked will prompt you to select a photo from your computer. Once you have selected the picture click "Open," which will begin the uploading process. Once you see your picture below the text you have written, you can click "Post."
add a picture
Posting a link to a picture or video
Want to share a funny picture or video from the internet? Simply copy the link to the picture/video and paste it to your text box. When you are done click "Post". You may post videos from YouTube and links to photos that end in .jpg or .png.
Editing and Deleting Posts
If you would like to edit one of your posts, simply hover over the right-hand side of a post and you will see three icons. The icon on the far right, which is a pencil, is your edit button. Click this button and you a text box will appear for you to edit the original contents of your post. If you wish to delete a post, use the "trash" icon that appears when you hover over the right-hand side of the post.
edit your post
How To Find My Posts
Your posts should appear in your SupportFeed. However, you can also view all of your posts using the "My Posts" link in the User Menu (hover over the bars on the right of the top menu to access the User Menu.).
Signing In
Log in at the top-right from any page.
top navigation
Support Feed
Your Support Feed is populated with posts from the SupportGroups members you are supporting and with posts from the groups you have joined. This is your own personalized support network.
Click on the SupportGroups logo at the top left to go to your Support Feed.
top navigation
New Private Message Notification
A red message icon at the top of the site alerts you to new messages.
pm notification
New Activity Notification
A red icon in the shape of a bell at the top of the site represents new activity on your posts.
activity notification
SupportSomeone Link
Looking to support someone in need? The Support Someone page is located on the top menu. Easy to access and easy to reach.
support someone link
Groups Link
Want to join a new group? Use the "Groups" link on the top menu.
all groups link
User Menu
The user menu (the bars icon on the top menu) allows you to edit your profile, add a profile picture, access your list of supporters and people whom you support, self tests, messages and allows you to log out.
user menu
Mini Member Profile
Your mini profile is visible on the right hand side of the page at all times while you are logged in. This mini menu shows your username, profile picture, supporters, people supporting you, and, most importantly, allows you to edit your profile.
mini profile
Editing your Profile
You have two options to edit your profile.
Member Dropdown Menu: Hover over the bars and you will see a link to the "Edit Profile" page.
Your Profile Summary
edit your profile
Supporters and Supporting Summary
If you are want to see who you are supporting, or who is supporting you, you can access a summary of your supporters either through your Mini Member Profile or through the drop down gear menu. Through these pages you will be able to follow and unfollow members.
Heart Icon
By pressing the heart button you can show another member you care. Click the heart button to emphathize with another member or tell her/him how much you liked a post, comment or reply. Whenever someone "hearts" content written by you, you will receive a notification on the top menu.
heart icon
To comment on someone’s post, you simply click on the "Comment" link or click on the text box below to comment to a members post. (Note: Members cannot add pictures to comments.)
Reply to a Comment
To reply to a comment, use the "Reply" link. Once you click on the link a new text box will appear below, which will allow you to reply to a comment. (Note: Members cannot add pictures to replies)
The @Username mention now appears on replies. Once a reply has been posted, this will turn into a hyperlink which you will be able to click to go to that member’s profile.
Member Profile Pop-Up
You can now get a quick look at members with the Mini Profile Pop-up. Simply hover your cursor over a members username and you will see their user picture and information from their "About Me" page.
rollover profile
Join a Group Widget
The Join a Group Widget recommends groups. When you click on the widget you will join the suggested group, and posts from that group will be added to your Support Feed. You will find this widget on the right hand side of site.
join a group widget
Joining/Leaving a Group
There are several different ways to join/leave a group. The first way to join a group is to visit the group page and click on the green "Join" button at the top of the group page.
join a group
Similarly, if you would like to leave a group, you can visit the group page and look for the green "Leave" button. When you press the button you will be automatically taken out of that group.
leave a group
How to Register
Registering for SupportGroups is easy and fast! When you visit the site you will be greeted by a splash page, which will allow you to explore the site before you sign up, or to sign up instantly. To sign up and participate, choose a Username and Password, and provide an email address. Once you have done so you will be asked to join a group or groups so that you can start off exploring SupportGroups with a more personalized experience.
  Step 1 - Name and Password
  Step 2 - Choose Your Groups
join groups
Public Profile
Your public profile is what other members see when they click on your username, profile pop-up, @mention or username. Your public profile displays others whom you support, who’s supporting you, your recent activity, and your points (more about points here).
public profile
Email Notification Settings
To change your email notification settings, click on "Edit Profile" and scroll down the page until you see the email notifications options.
Sending Private Messages
The private messaging feature allows you to build a closer connection with your supporters and those who you support. To minimize spam, private messaging is only allowed between mutual supporters. There are two ways to private message a member.
  1. Messaging a member through Public Profile page: Click on a member's name or profile image. This will take you to their public profile page where you will be see an icon that reads "Message". Click on this icon and type your message in the box that appears. Click on "Send" to send the message.
  2. Sending a message through Private Messages page. From your Private Messages page, click on "New Message". You will see a search field where you will be able to type in the name of the Supporter you would like to message. When you are finished, simply click on "Send". Note: If you are trying to message someone whom you do not support, or who does not support you, you will receive an error message. Both members must be supporting each other before either member is able to private message the other.
Finding Private Messages
There are two ways to reach the Private Messages page. The first is by clicking the speech bubble icon on the top menu bar. A drop-down list of your current messages appears and at the bottom is a "See all messages" link. Note: When looking at the drop down list, you can click on an individual message to visit that conversation. Highlighted messages are unread messages. If you receive a message from someone who supports you, but whom you do not support you will not able to see this message and will see an “Access Denied” page.
The second way to reach your private messages is from your user menu found at the right of the top menu. Clicking on “Messages” will take you to your Private Messages page.
Blocking Unwanted Messages
We realize that sometimes things can happen between members and we have set in place a way to block any unwanted correspondence. You have the option to do this through your Private Message page. Hover over the top right hand corner of any message to reveal three icons. The X icon will delete a message, the M icon will mark a message as unread and the B icon will block that member from messaging you. Simply confirm the action to block the member.
You can also block a member within an ongoing private message thread. At the top of every individual conversation you will see an orange button that reads: "Block This Member".
Unblocking a Member
To find a list of people you’ve blocked, hover over the User Menu and look for "Blocked Users".
Once you click on the link you will be taken to a page that lists all members you have blocked.
Step 1 Click on "Unblock" to unblock that member.
Step 2 Confirm your selection.
Contact Us
As always, if you have any issues or concerns about the site, whether it be about a member, content, or a bug, please let us know! You can always reach us at [email protected] or by sending us a message through our Member Support Page.

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