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What's that one thing that makes you guys doubt if it really

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What's that one thing that makes you guys doubt if it really is HOCD? For me i think the loss of attraction to the opposite sex, sexual and aesthetic, it makes it all feel so real.

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@leoneandonly1 yes buts hard because i only watch videos with the girl but its hard cause i get thoughts that i would like it with a guy better and images that the girl in the video gets replaced by a guy

Dec 6

@hockeyisthebestNHL yeah i get that aswell thats probably why you need to come away from it but like i said before i know its hard im failing too. But that clearly shows your interest in wanting to be with a women, masturbation is literally the worst time for intrusive thoughts aswell as its when we feel most vulnerable. Those thoughts are just BS.

Dec 7

@hockeyisthebestNHL I've found that the best way to stop watching porn is to remember that the more you watch it the more the hocd has to work with, if you cut it for at least a month you'll see your attractions will stabilize as long as you dont do compulsions.


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