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What's everybody's coping strategy for friends that think yo

What's everybody's coping strategy for friends that think you're gay. For example, everybody I know thinks I'm a closet homosexual and it's driving me crazy. I keep trying to tell them I'm not gay, but they don't believe. They all think I'm some sort of liar and that I'm having gay relationships in secret. I've known these people for over 10 years and am starting to think I should just stop hanging out them cause it would help me psychologically? Anybody else have this problem?

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Aug 14

@ocd, I think that's it.. not sure how to manage it given just happens naturally. Sometimes it can be an uncomfortable situation.. Not sure if just my interpretation, but people seem to be much more forward these days..

Aug 14

@ocdineedhelp So I guess the straight guys aren't getting that vibe from you, so they resort to 'well she must lesbian'.. Sounds kind of atypical of some guys I know.. My wife has a mild case of "RBF" so thankfully for me she gets hit on a lot less.

Aug 15

I'm all for being gay/bisexual/straight. I used to never care. If I get sexually aroused by a guy, start to flirt with guys, or start fantasizing about guys the same way I do with girls, then heck yea I'll go for it. But that's the biggest problem I'm having now is that I'm being labeled now, because of some dumb acid trip. If I try to flirt with a girl, it's awesome up to the point when somebody comes up to her and tells her that I'm gay, then I just feel embarrassed, singled out and depressed. I try to be gay, cause I have other recourse, but I just can't like dudes like that. Whenever I get an erection in public and I need it to go away quickly, I either recite the pledge of allegiance or I think of a naked guy/penis at which point I lose my erection almost instantly.

I'm at this point that I wish I was gay now, so I can just move on with my life and not wake up in the morning high strung and feeling crazy. I want to be able to socialize with people without feeling like I'm grinding my teeth from anxiety and constantly looking for the quickest way out of the room. It would be nice if everybody around wouldn't just label me and then spread rumors about me. I always thought friends are supposed to like you whichever decision you decide to make with your sexuality, straight or gay. Now it seems my friends will only accept me if I say I'm gay. I think it'd be better if I just found some new friends and stop hanging with these people, and perhaps see a psychologist about my anxiety. Just a thought I wanted to put down.

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