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So last night i went to bed and felt pretty good, but i had


So last night i went to bed and felt pretty good, but i had a dream where i was with a women, like in a sexual way and i woke up and felt okay, but then i started to remember it and the anxiety spiked. Then i started doubting my attraction to men again. And I've noticed that i feel okay for a few days but then little things like that dream or me looking at a girl walking along the street will cause me to go back to how i was feeling. Just full of anxiety and disgust in myself. I wish i could just get rid of this all together and be how i was just like 10 months ago.


Dreams are simply a manifestation of our underlying thoughts and anxieties. HOCD obviously causes you a lot of anxiety, so it isn't uncommon for that to manifest in your dreams. If you look around this board I think you'll see many others have had similar dreams and had the same reaction. You are not alone <3


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