Part of my ERP is watching lesbian movies and I just watched


Part of my ERP is watching lesbian movies and I just watched "Below Her Mouth" on Netflix and it was such a big trigger for me. Of course my mind convinces me that this is what I want and who I am and the only way I'll be happy. Just wanted to put this on here for people who havent started therapy yet or just feel really helpless...ERP is all about facing your fears and with OCD its one of the only forms of treatment. Its terrifying..but you can do it. Ive been at the bottom, I know what you're going through trust me. Trust the process...were in this together!!

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Apr 19

@Xshawty20 thank you! I’m not sure if there’s any OCD specialists in my area and I have to wait until I go visit a therapist cause I don’t have the resources I need to go seek any kind of medical help yet but when I do I will keep your advice in mind. Thank you again for being supportive. I’m honestly afraid that when I go visit a therapist they’ll end up telling me I’m actually gay or something because my previous counselors have been so ignorant and unprofessional.

Apr 20

@kari197 I went through the same thing...I saw two before I saw an OCD specialist and they both told me I was in denial. It was really tough thats why you have to make sure they have OCD/ERP experience.

13 hours ago

@kari197 I can't believe these women tried to socially condition you to believe that men are disgusting and that being a lesbian is better. In what world do they have the right to do that? For years society was homophobic, and homosexuality was deemed a mental illness to the point that therapist were trying to do reparative therapy on homosexuals to essentially change them to lesbians are trying to basically do that to heterosexuals.... trying to make them into something they are not?! The hell we would pay if we continued to tell homosexuals that their behaviour is wrong and disgusting. I don't understand this line of thinking!!! I'm so sorry that this was done to you.... the fact that his happened to you is likely fueling the ocd fire even more. I wonder if you could access online ocd therapy. I know there is Ocd L.A., but I'm unsure if they provide online help... but I do know there are other sources.

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