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Okay this is weird, I started thinking about how I really ha's picture

Okay this is weird, I started thinking about how I really haven’t called my friends in a while and now I started to feel like I have feelings towards my friend and it feels so real. I have experienced false attraction towards her in the past and now my brain keeps showing me all the things we did together and making me think I like her. Ughhhhh I can’t rn I was feeling so well, I don’t want this to be real but why does it feel like all of a sudden I’m hit with this dark cloud that I’m in denial and I have always liked her. Can anyone else relate?

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Aug 2

@hal133 same and I hate that I am not as anxious as I want to be in this situation.

Aug 2

I'm starting to accept that the thoughts may never be something we can totally avoid. Sending love to everyone here. Hope we can support each other and help each other deal with things when they get hard.

Aug 2 Me tooooo like i check and i feel calm??? Then I feel bad for being calm like I feel when I was anxious at least it was like “ok I have anxiety I know I’m not lesbian” but now that I don’t feel it I don’t know


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