Now that this is mostly gone, I've realized I have some feel

Now that this is mostly gone, I've realized I have some feelings for someone in the past. However, when I'm around him I don't just get butterflies. I get dizzy, my head starts spinning, and my heart beats so hard and fast. I mean, that's just weird. I also don't really want to feel this way because it's disappointing to know we'll never get back together, you know? Can OCD cause you to not be able to move on? Or obsess over a past relationship. I know it's not HOCD related but...

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Sep 13

@bluebirds141516 in this particular case it's probably best to get over them. But in general there's no set rule that you're supposed to not be attracted to someone after they reject you or something. And there shouldn't be an expectation of it.

Sep 13

@jdd I've been trying for literally two years to get over these feelings and if I'm not around him, they usually go away. But then when I see him they all come rushing back. Like, during breaks I don't really think about him. It's weird. But yeah, getting over him is a really good plan because it's getting kind of ridiculous at this point.

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Sep 13

To answer your question, yes. Bc I obsess over things like that esp when the relationship ended recently. I would obsess and check FB over and over, and everywhere I could, I would read messages and be bedridden from obsession. Ugh. But don't worry about the feelings! I worry about butterflies too but it feels diff for everyone


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