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My OCD came to a point where it made my attraction stop comp

My OCD came to a point where it made my attraction stop completely.My life seems like a lie. Now i just don't want anyone.I just want to stay alone.I can't accept my thoughts bcz there is something that tells me i will turn gay. I would seriously prefer to die with no regret rather than spending my life as a homosexual.The thing i want the most, is my attraction and my normal life back. Does anyone else relay to this?

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Jan 3

@NickKephalas542 one guy on YouTube is not double blind studies with control. Nofap generally lacks that kind of stuff to be considered truth for all. Not to mention nofap/ybop is backed by anti porn lobby/religious anti porn groups.

NickKephalas542's picture
Jan 3

@jdd Idk. I stopped watching porn and now I am kinda better. Now even my therapist told me to stop for a little while until i get comfortable again.

Jan 4

@NickKephalas542 I did say that if you're at a point of watching gay porn that you should stop. However many therapists, especially those outside of the USA still think porn addiction is real even though it's not on the levels of any other addiction.


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