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Life has been hard recently. I am sad a lot and these though


Life has been hard recently. I am sad a lot and these thoughts make it even harder to have fun. I keep telling myself I'll get better, but I never seem too. I still have hope but it seems to fade with each passing day. I hope someone feels the same as me.

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Aug 1

@icene it has its ups and downs some days I’m glued to my bed reading everything about HOCD some days I’m feeling a weird mix of calm and anxiety.

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Aug 2

I too spend most of my time glued to the internet and kept on reading random things to keep my mind out of the problem cause it causes me depression and anxiety but I know it doesn't help me to fix the problem but it helps me to keep my sanity even just for a little. Im hoping that the no. of ups in our lives will outweigh the no. Of downs. Im still hoping for the brighter days

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Aug 2

@icene One day we will all get better in some way, I totally get how you feel. I’m also just counting the days getting by on survival mode but just now from this group you are not alone and your feelings are valid. If you need someone to talk to, just know you can reach out.


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