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I went to the mall today and I still tend to notice women mo

I went to the mall today and I still tend to notice women more. And it's not just checking but I see what she is wearing, whatever. I just feel that I tend to stare but in my mind makes me feel that this is because I'm lesbian. I have no anxiety over my thoughts but every effing thing i do makes me feeling lesbian lesbian lesbian and anything I do, my mind says = lesbian. It's annoying. When watch friends or any other sitcoms, my eyes automatically go to the woman's breasts or whatever and I force myself not to look.eveb before my HOCD I wouldn't look so much but idk I don't remember. Can a compulsion become a habit which annoys yourself later on? I don't want to look at woman's breasts or whatever though my friend says that everyone does it and all women do it! Women notice EVERYTHING, she said. But I don't know, I feel scared.

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I don't know I just feel I saw the pictures so it brought a smile to my face. So I thought it must be nice. But i don't know, you've given me a logical way to think about it. :)

Jan 13

@Worriedallthetime and feeling that way doesn't make you gay. Just empathizing with the people in the picture


@jdd I have really weird feelings and I'm having then at the moment where I'm just feeling I'm lesbian and it feels so super real. :/ It's very confusing, like I'm not even anxious anymore but it's a very weird scary feeling. Like I want to be with a girl it feels like that. Very very real. Idk what this is. I'd rather stay single all my life.


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