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I want to be straight again so bad. I feel like I'm not. I

I want to be straight again so bad. I feel like I'm not. I can't think straight. Things I used to want it's like I don't want them anymore but I want to want them. I want to notice girls like I used to. Please I hope this is hocd. Sometimes I feel 100% straight. But it doesn't last long. I think sexually all the time and I hate it I want to be straight. I don't care what I really am I want to be straight and I don't want that to change. Why would I like girls for 17 years and then just turn gay I DONT WANT TO BE GAY. why can't I control what I want anymore. What's wrong with me. Please help

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Jan 14

You're still straight. It's just ocd making you think this way.

Jan 15

I'm a girl, and I've been spiking on and off for the past few weeks. It is so frustrating! Something that has helped me is Jonathan Grayson's book about OCD. Granted, once reading the entire chapter on unwanted intrusive thoughts, it caused a pretty big spike, but in the end, it ultimately made me feel better knowing that this is something that many people suffer from and that's it's not just me. My therapist also had me keep a log of my thoughts. I had to write down what the thought was, the date I had the thought, and rate the thought on an scale of 1-10 of how much anxiety each thought caused. Writing them down is extremely helpful for me; I suggest trying it and seeing how it goes!

Jan 15

@jdd ok tks. I too have ptsd and ocd not from sexuality issues crisis, but have been date raped, and had other trauma, daughter was murdered several years ago. I just hate to see so many young people commit suicide over sexual orientation, bullying etc. Why can't we just get along and respect each other. You never know what someone else is going through.


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