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I tried to have sex with a girl i like last night. No luck..


I tried to have sex with a girl i like last night. No luck.. I feel like alcohol and the rest had some part to play in it but 90% was to do with this. They say once you question it, its game over. I cant explain this to her yet because she wouldnt understand. My erections are so hit and miss.
One day i get locked in a room with a girl (this is true) i get so aroused that i go home with blue balls and precum ( sorry). 3/4 days later im about to have sex with a stunning girl and nothing. Why??? I cant keep living like this.

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Dec 2

Sounds like it's an anxiety issue (though I'm no expert nor a therapist). I once read somewhere that alcohol can cause erection problems.

NickKephalas542's picture
Dec 2

@af1805 It is.

Dec 2

@randomusername you don't need to be a therapist to know that. Where do you think the term whiskey d**k comes from? Lol.


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