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I need to share some things. I have hocd for 4 years, since

I need to share some things. I have hocd for 4 years, since I was 19, during all these time many things made me think about hocd things but that was my only real problem. Now I'm finishing my graduation and don't have a job, I don't even know what I wanna do, I want to work and get my own money. This is a real bad thing for every person but my romantic life is also making me feel bad. I going thought hocd and never had a boyfriend, I feel I'm a teenager in a adult body. The worst thing is that I feel all my doubts have something to do with hocd, when I get better in my romantic life I can get better in everything.


I'm 19. And you know before I had hocd, I was this girl who was obssessed with idea of love and marriage and perfect life partner and I was so so so so desperate to get into a relationship. That was how crazy I was. I was fairyl okayish at studies. But when his struck me hard, I said okay I need to ignore it. Forget Love for a while, focus on my goals. And I started working hard. Even now I can't help but think about what life holds for me, but what's important is that today you must out in a lot of hardwork. And I'm sure you can do it. Start working hard, figure out what you want and out in the effort. You'll achieve goals, you'll be happier and then maybe you'll see your OCD reducing. Trust me, you can do it. Everyone is capable of doing something super amazing. Even you are. All the best :)

Feb 12

I used to be Just like you, always thinking about love. I'll try to work hard, maybe when my vacation ends it will be easier. But at 23 I feel that I need try to get better at hocd too. It's time to live the life I always wanted. Thank you for your support!


@aninha052014 when you'll keep yourself busy and happy, I honestly feel that's the solution to our HOCD. I think we have too many free thoughts running in our mind and now we've just got hooked into them. So keep yourself busy and you know it sucks because like you don't know who you're gonna end up with a guy or a girl. Scary, isn't it? But don't worry, everything will be fine. :)


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