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I keep getting flashbacks of past false attractions as if th


I keep getting flashbacks of past false attractions as if they were real and they feel real even though I probably haven’t thought about them in at least a year

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Aug 2 Me toooo and it keeps switching friends yesterday it was for one of my friends then this morning I woke up thinking about my roommate then it switches to another friend I can’t tell what’s real and what isn’t anymore

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Aug 2

This is terrible I hate it, in the back of my mind I know I’ve been avoiding my friends because of hocd but why did it feel real? If it was a real crush I would want to talk to her but I don’t, I even though even if she’s a very close friend if I never see her again that’s fine with me I just dont want to have feelings towards her. I cannot imagine myself touching her in anyway I just don’t want that. But I keep thinking o what if this time you laughed together, what if this time you did this together and you felt weird are signs. Do you get what I mean?

Aug 2 Yes I feel exactly the same!!!! Sometimes I force myself to imagine touching girls things like that and I start gagging and i know I don’t want it but then it just feels real whenever I check my phone my mind goes “oh you’re checking for her” even though I could care less if she texts me or not or I look back on past conversations and over analyze them and it feels really reallll


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