I keep doing quizzes on my gender identity and I just keep g

I keep doing quizzes on my gender identity and I just keep getting I am a cisgender girl but my brain keeps telling me I don’t want that, which I do that’s who I am. But I have also been getting this weird feeling in my crotch like I want male genitals and no no I don’t I would hate that. My brain keeps finding proof that I want to be a gay guy, but I know I am comfortable being a woman and I never wanted gay guys to be attracted to me as a man, I only ever liked straight guys. I used to read a lot of fan fiction of my favorite boy bands and sometimes they would put boy and boy together but I never really read them cause they were uninteresting to me, I only ever liked thinking of myself with them as a woman! But also my brain keeps confusing me sometimes I wanna say I am just a straight girl but my brain says I am just a gay man and no not at all. I never wanted to present as a male, and even when I hung out with gay guys I just felt like a girl not them. I liked hanging out with them cause they all know a lot about fashion even more than my female friends sometimes since most of them are more laid back and casual. But my brain keeps telling me I am just a gay man playing dress up as a woman which is not the case, I have always felt like female is my gender. I feel like I am not scared enough but I keep ruminating, and finding new theories on this. It feels pretty stupid because obviously I am just a girl but what if that is not the case?

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Sep 16

I also remember jokingly saying one time that if I had been born a man I would have definitely have been a gay guy caused it looked fun and liked guys way too much, but what if I eventually want to do that :/ ???? I also keep thinking like what I if I find straight guys to boring to date and want to be a man to date gay guys. This is all to stupid I am sorry it’s just my brain.


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